Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The return of Shirelock Helms

As much as a Sherlockian might oft be seen as the fan of single interest, we all have our little side fancies that pull us away at times. Sometimes we try to take them down a Holmes-ish path, but even that is perhaps justifying our straying from the true Baker Street path. So I hope you'll understand my less frequent blogging this past week when I tell you this:

Shirelock Helms and I crossed paths again a week ago Saturday, and I've fallen prey to that dangerously addictive habit that I like to experiment with from time to time, the massive multi-player online role-playing game.

Yes, Shirelock is one of my toons in The World of Warcraft.

Of course, having come up with this Warcraft character some eight years ago in January of 2005 (All Sherlocks and Shirelocks must be born in January!), I'm feeling pretty prescient about tying the Shire to Sherlock, now that my favorite Watson is playing the hobbit.

But it's all just balm for my guilt at paying more attention to Warcraft than Sherlock this week, but after the long autumn of Elementary, I'm sure more than a few folks would say I should take the distraction. 'Tis the holiday season and all, a time for peace and joy and reading "The Blue Carbuncle," and not beating up televised punching bags.

And if one wants to wander off-topic but still be tied to Sherlock, there's always . . .

          . . . something I'll be putting in an entirely different blog post.

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