Sunday, November 17, 2013

What I'm not writing about this week.

Blogging about the world of Sherlock Holmes multiple times a week sometimes means scraping for ideas, as anyone who has read Sherlock Peoria on a regular basis can tell. And yet, there are enough Sherlock Holmes related happenings and material out there that things never get too desperate. And certain lines that actually don't get crossed.

The world of Sherlock Holmes is one of enthusiasms and enthusiasts. Sometimes our enthusiasm outreaches our talents, and sometimes even the most talented among us doesn't perform to suit all tastes. A Sherlockian jazz musician, recording a 221B inspired track, is probably not going to come up with something I'd write about here, no matter how great their talent. My musical tastes don't run to jazz.

On the other side, we more often see some "What the hell?" productions, despite your taste. One hates to shoot down the enthusiasm, but a certain level of sheer wrongness about some thing that makes it a very attractive target for some not-entirely-nice musings. And while some of our best Sherlockians can make lemonade out of lemons all day long, I get a bit blog-tied when my honest reaction runs counter to the limits of  . . . well, just being nice to one's fellow Sherlockians.

So here I sit this weekend, with a couple of topics I can't write about . . . and blogging on how I can't, just to purge them from the mental queue.

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  1. Thought you might like to know that the new Russian SH series starts today: