Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Violating Sherlock Holmes.

What follows is a blog that was written more than a week ago. And back then I had a kindly moment when I thought, "Oh, I should be nicer about mainstream television which plainly has its fans," and held it back. Then, sadly, life happened, and, not being all that evolved as a life form, I suddenly wanted to verbally kick something. Being an ardent Sherlockian offers a few targets for such things (one big one of which is coming up soon), it seemed prudent to pick that which just gets me in the least trouble and go ahead and publish this blip that's been sitting on the shelf for a week or so. And so, here it is, part of the "lost" Sherlock Peoria. (Though lost only a week. There are others which have sat for far longer.)

It took me a while to get to the last episode of Elementary for 2014. But any curiosity I had about it, not really caring all that much about spoilers, was easy to rectify. Why?

Recaps! Sooooo many recaps! But don't go by the headlines -- CelebrityDirtyLaundry.com went with the sensational headline "Sherlock Is Violated" for their Elementary recap, and for a moment I thought the show might actually be heading to a dark and dramatic place for their mid-season finale. Having Mr. Elementary, a smaller and less action-oriented consulting detective, go through the trauma of being raped, perhaps even after having those singlestick skills he's so proud of proven ineffective, might have forced the writers to come up with some ongoing character-driven subplots that would have taken the show to a new level . . . and made up for all the weird slut-shaming of Joan Watson that went on earlier this year.

But, no, Mr. Elementary's "violation" was simply having his addiction support group statements quoted on the web. A mildly interesting contrast, given that BBC Sherlock's John H. Watson published his casebook as a blog, gaining Sherlock more cases and fame, and while Joan Watson secretly wrote up Mr. Elementary's cases, they remain unseen by the public at large. (And hopefully Joan kept her own copies, as Kitty Winter destroyed the only one known to the viewers.) CelebrityDIrtyLaundry was plainly sensationalizing the whole "violation" thing.

Unless they actually were writing about Sherlock Holmes and not Mr. Elementary. Then . . . well, then Sherlock is actually in his third season of the ongoing violation.

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  1. While it is more often than not good to reflect on something before we hit the send button, as attested to by the many jocks and celebs who have stuck their foot in their mouth on twitter for example. I find nothing offensive said here. The only thing that needs shelving around here is the show "Elementary". I'm talking permament shelving, and not on my bookcase shelve. How many more times must I be disappointed when a Yahoo headline says CBS cancels shows, only to not find "Elementary" on that list?