Sunday, September 18, 2016

Jemmy Night 2016.

With what looked like an empty Sunday evening ahead, I stumbled into the fact that the Emmy Awards were going to be on TV tonight, which meant the first name of Sherlock Holmes was sure to be mentioned a couple of times. As with its predecessors, this year's BBC Sherlock offering is again in the nominees list -- six total. And of those six, only a couple are going to come up on the big show, which makes for a lot of waiting for the Sherlockian who doesn't care that Benedict Cumberbatch isn't even going to be sitting in the audience.

Of course, this year . . . pause to see Stephen Moffat holding up the Emmy for "Abominable Bride" and let the happy wash over me . . . .

Okay, screw what I was originally going to write, that was worth an hour and forty minutes of sitting through the rest of the Emmys. (And I did enjoy seeing Kate MacKinnon be only the fourth SNL actor to get one for that show.)

BBC Sherlock always looks like such a labor of love, it's nice to see that love rewarded.

But here's what I started to wonder, back when I was waiting forever for that moment to happen: Why don't we have a "Jemmy Awards" for Sherlockian entertainments? I mean, a "Monsieur Oscar Meunier Awards" works Canonically, too, but is both too long and too similar in that key part to a certain other award.

I suppose it's because we don't have an Academy of Sherlockian Arts & Sciences. We have arts. We have sciences. But I guess we're missing the academy. Do those big award shows actually have academies where people study and train? I dunno. Maybe that isn't a requirement. But that would be so very cool . . . even if it only existed for one weekend a year, like a con. "Going to the Sherlockian academy this year to polish my Sherlockian skills!"

Of course, Sherlockiana would probably need to make the sort of money every year as the television or movie industries to be able to hire a lot of it done, and at the present moment we're all still writing our own material when it comes to toasts and talks. (At least I think most of us are . . . ) Living up to that "Academy" title can't be cheap.

But enough rambling for one awards night. Big congrats to all the folks that make Sherlock happen for us, and all those fans who make it so much bigger than the Emmy folks even know. That's probably the real award out there.

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