Tuesday, October 11, 2016

San Pedro is where the heart is. The heart of Don Murillo!

Editor's note: Letting a guest writer into a blog's normal postings is something not done lightly. Why? Because they're liable to keep coming back. With that, let us re-present Don Murillo, the most Canonical man in the Canon. If anyone can corroborate that statement, we would sure appreciate it.

Don Murillo was having a lovely siesta week, watching American dictatorial candidates stalk each other, waiting for the assassins to strike as always seems to happen to Don Murillo, when he found a little magazine in the waiting room of Sherlock Peoria. It was called The Serpentine Muse, and as Don Murillo amused himself by reading of of the Holmesists and their lives -- that is, until Don Murillo came to an article called "Where in the World is 'San Pedro'?" by one Peter H. Jacoby.

This Peter H. Jacoby is clearly a scholar of the first level! And his study of Latin American countries in an effort to identify San Pedro's location. He places much stock in the green and white of San Pedro's flag, only to give up in dismay as he notes "there is not a single country in all of Latin America that has those hues as its national ensign." Well, of course not! Don Murillo is not raised a flag in Latin America in some time!

Has Peter H. Jacoby travelled the world, looking for the green and white colors of San Pedro as so many others have, hoping to find Don Murillo's more perfect Shangri-La? But no! He is a man of books, skilled in his area, but not so skilled as to find Don Murillo's people.

Yes, San Pedro did take up a certain amount of geography in the Central and Southern Americas for a little more than a decade at one time. But as anyone of true political skill knows, countries do not age well. The citizens finish their honeymoon period and become needy and spoiled. To truly perfect a nation, as I have done with San Pedro, a ruler must rotate citizenry and resources on a regular basis.

Yes, Don Murillo's colors have flown over parts of Latin America. And two of the New Zealand islands. And a portion of the Sahara desert. The Balkans. Antarctica. "Iowa." Perhaps some locations that might be more recognizable to you as well, especially now that corporate nationhood is a more shadowy business than the old manner of things. (And do not start searching for green and white trademarks, Peter H. Jacoby, Don Murillo is a traditionalist. His flag remains his colors!)

Dom Pedro II. Rafael Zaldivar. Justo Ruffino Barrios. The Duke of Plaza Toro. Justo Jose de Urquiza y Garcia. Names! So many names that are not "Don Murillo!" Only Don Murillo is "Don Murillo," the Tiger of San Pedro and the most Canonical man in all of the Canon!

And where the Tiger of San Pedro stalks his prey and grooms his fur, that is where San Pedro will always be, and where its citizens rejoice while citizens they enjoy being!

I, Don Murillo, have approved this message!

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  1. Peter passed away on September 26, 2016 and the world is a bit smaller.