Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Kitty Winter is back!!!

The new promo for Elementary's seventh season is out, and it looks like fun's a-coming. Watson is as blonde as a Jude Law, Scotland Yard is treating her like she's Grace Hart or Millicent, and . . . oh, maybe they'll wind up back in New York with non-working toilets.

Well, ya gotta take the bad with the good, I guess. Will this last run at NYC Holmes go into that fine and frisky place showrunners who know they can put it all on the table sometimes tread?

Will Moriarty return, now that she's . . . well, I don't suppose she was out of a job just soon enough, but maybe for the final episode? We can't have Odin Reichenbach doing a Moriarty's job now, can we? Sherlock and Jamie will have to fight on top of him, or maybe just over him, of course!

But, hey, Joan's as blonde as a Joan Blondell and it's time for summer fun!

I'll be here doing some Doyle's Rotary Coffin friendly recap/reviews for my friend Howard Ostrom and anyone else who is afflicted with an inability to watch the show, and it's definitely time for some Joan Watson love. (You ladies can swoon over the whiskery guy.)

Hopefully they'll be bringing back some more favorites from the past along with Kitty for a last turn on the Sherlock stage, along with many more appearances of Clyde, the turtle that inspired the opening moments of Holmes and Watson, at least the American opening moments.

Looking forward to a lively summer!

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