Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Complete Robot Chicken Sherlock Holmes

Robot Chicken is an easy show to randomly drop into, being a nerdy adult sketch comedy show based on using stop-motion animation with action figures. They parody everything and anything from every medium of entertainment, and tonight I stumbled on to a Great Mouse Detective Basil bit. Which made me wonder: How many other times has Robot Chicken done Sherlock Holmes?


Results came up immediately, and I pulled up HBO Max on the browser and started watching.

Season three, episode 18, "Monstourage." At the 5:08 mark, a sketch begins with airplane pilots that eventually leads into Sherlock Holmes investigating the murder of the Queen. The whole sketch lasts fifty seconds, Sherlock appears to be voiced by Seth Green, and -- Rude Humor Warning! -- urine is involved.

Wait. That was it?

Until we get to Basil in season nine, episode four, "Things Look Bad for the Streepster," which technically is Basil at the 5:40 mark, and not Sherlock . . . that's it. (Eric Christian Olsen did the voice of Basil.)

I should work harder on blog posts instead of watching Robot Chicken


  1. This blog is right out of a day in my life. Thank you Brad for the data, data,data (even if it costs me a $$ to watch something I'll probably regret watching LOL!)!

  2. FYI Brad
    Robot Chicken - Episode: Monstourage
    Frozen Pissball Emergency
    Length: :50 seconds
    Cast: Michael Chiklis (Sherlock Holmes), Seth Green (Pilot #2, Queen Elizabeth, Butler, Officer), Chris Evans (Pilot #1)
    Characters: Queen Elizabeth, Sherlock Holmes, Pilots
    Segment Summary: You're watching Robot Chicken: the show where everyone on an airplane takes a piss that freezes into a giant ball and lands on the Queen of England. You're welcome.