Tuesday, March 29, 2022

The return of the Reichenbach Falls Lemming Society

 It was the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, 1995. MediaWest*Con, that annual gathering of media fans of all times was being held at the Holiday Inn in Lansing, Michigan. Trek fans, Phantom fans, Rat Patrol fans, X-File fans, Highlander fans, you name it, there were fans of it there. And Sherlockians, especially fans of the Granada series

More than a few folks have seen the six-foot-tall Paget art that hangs out in my basement — a screen-dot print illustration enlarged multiple times using 1995 copy machine technology. This was the weekend it was created for and the “Sherlock Holmes Festival of Consulting Detection” — basically a room party with scones and other treats.

Anyone who showed up for the Sherlock Holmes festival of Consulting Detection was signed up for the Reichenbach Falls Lemming Society by our membership director Bonnie Bills, and they would receive the official membership kit with membership certificate, autographed photo of Reichy the lemming, and a cherry licorice pipe. We played whist, had a little bit of a Sherlock Holmes based game show, and just enthused about Sherlock Holmes.

Back in the 1990s, Sherlock Holmes didn't have his own convention, so MediaWest*Con was the closest thing to a con experience with Sherlock Holmes fan fun for the Lemmings to land. BoucherCons have always had a touch of Sherlock here and there, but that seemed more a "Last Bowcher" event that one with ties to "Final Problem." (Yes, that is a reason I just made up.) It any case, it seemed only right and proper that, at long last, the Reichenbach Falls Lemming Society move to 221B Con.

What does this mean?

Well, membership packets will be distributed at a meeting that will probably occur in or near the hotel bar at a time yet to be determined. Or at other random moments. And there might be a game of whist. And something else. In any case, the RFLS flag will figuratively be planted at this new con location for 2022.

Because it's 221B Con. And you just never know what's going to happen at 221B Con.

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