Thursday, April 14, 2022

Back to the lab again

 Well, here we are. Some of us had a very good weekend last weekend. Sherlock Holmes was discussed.

The road back is full of rain, impatience, and food that probably shouldn't be in the diet plan. Impatience, because after all the ideas, spins, and plans that came up over the past few days need to be remembered, noted, explored, and reconsidered.

The transition back to our everyday, of course, can be rough. Suddenly the bills are due again, the job stuff is back, the bean burritos at Taco Bell are a cheap, fast lunch . . . suddenly, we are mere mortals again, having left our own personal Olympus. There were gods, goddesses, and non-binary deities there. 

Writers. Artists.  Podcasters. That actor guy I have always loved. (Seriously. It freaks me out a little bit, and my social skills are weak enough when not freaked out.)

Zoom lords. The smartest people on specific subjects. Party people. The best parts of everyone, coming out for a holiday weekend. No matter what the convention, folks coming out to enthuse about that thing they love is a chance to see the best in them. And what is closer to a heavenly realm than that?

Ah, but then like a certain angel with a TV series, we get tossed from that happy place, back down into what suddenly feels like the capital "P" pit itself for a bit. And yet . . . and yet, we bring something back with us. Like another capital "P" mythic, we bring the fire back with us.

It might be a little, portable flame. Or we might come home ablaze like Johnny Storm himself. But once we're back, it's time to put that energy to use. 

I have a feeling this year might not be entirely easy. A lot of unpleasantness is on the horizon in so many directions. We might have some real problems to deal with. But here's my takeaway from last weekend, and that magical place that only existed for a few days: All those divine beings that inhabited that special place? They didn't vanish when the weekend was over. They spread out across the land, back to their private lairs, secret gardens, tower rooms, and the locals who they may or may not know worship them. And that's kinda hopeful. That's kinda cool.

I want to hold on to that thought for a while. Because there is that whole year again until next time. And just about the time my hopes might start to dwindle, and I might be going "did that really exist?" the next version of it will start the cycle again.

Back to the lab again.

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