Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Your Halloween treat . . . or trick!

 So you like Sherlock Holmes, you like monsters, and you don't want candy in your adult trick-or-treat book bag . . . what's a Sherlockian to do?

Welllll, some months ago, this fellow named Rob Nunn who is hot into putting collections together approached me with this idea. He had heard Ray Betzner give a talk on a hidden werewolf in the Holmes Canon and loved it so much that he thought someone should put together a book of articles along that line. Me? I'm not really a publisher or editor sort these days, but I do have a few connections among the rare birds of the Sherlockian world, from Holmes conspiracy podcasters like Alan King to a guy . . . well, a guy with some Canonical ancestry named Nathaniel Barker-Harris, whose mom ran a midnight creature feature on a little TV station in Moorville, Kansas.

So, I help Rob out with a few introductions, help him recruit a few folks to write for this book, and voila!

The Monstrum Opus of Sherlock Holmes.

Seventeen articles exposing the dark, monstrous side of the Canon. No ghosts need apply. And what have we to do with the lunacy of walking corpses who can only be held in their graves by stakes driven through their hearts? No smoochie-woochie romantic vampires either. Just monsters, monsters, and more monsters. By some very interesting writers.

And despite what that cover might look like, it's a paperback, at a very affordable paperback price. (Said cover is actually a revision of a work by J.G. Wood, whom you might remember helping Sherlock Holmes identify a certain monster of a sea creature off the Sussex coast.)

It's a weird little book of essays, ready to gather proper dust on your arcane shelves of obscure Sherlockian lore, with the profits going the the not-so-weird Beacon Society.  And you can still get it shipped to you, at least in the US, in time to properly prepare yourself for All Hallow's Eve.

It's now on Amazon (US) at this link: though others on Amazon sites across the waters are soon to come. 

We now return to your regularly scheduled blog postings. Though they aren't really regularly scheduled.

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