Monday, July 30, 2012

Omens of the anti-Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes Week is finally here and the internet is abuzz with omens of the anti-Holmes to celebrate! Lovely quotes for a fanboy to get all snarky about!

“What we have is a name that means something and a mythology that means something,” creator of CBS’s Elementary, Rob Doherty was quoted as saying this week about the new show.

Of course, the fact that Watson was a male room-mate chosen to save a few pounds and not a hireling “sober companion” of the opposite sex . . . well, that part of the mythology apparently didn’t mean something to Doherty. And giving Sherlock Holmes a living and interfering father . . . well, that won’t affect the mythology at all. 

Ummm . . . yeah.   

“New York is perfect for our Sherlock,” Doherty also was quoted as saying. “For all his British ‘otherness,’ this is really where he belongs. The city is very much a reflection of his inner life.”
New York City is what is in Sherlock Holmes’s head? London isn’t where he belongs? So much for that part of the mythology meaning something.
And one last Doherty quote: “We officially have a plan for our Moriarty.”
Ah, here’s a glimmer of hope! Despite the strange-sounding nature of Moriarty having an official plan, it looks like our old friend Professor Moriarty will be out to kill Sherlock Holmes again, for the third time in a year or so. And you know what they say . . .
The third time’s the charm. If this goes the way it looks to go, I know who I’ll be rooting for!


  1. I'm rather surprised you are against the show. With your many interesting and unconventional takes on Holmes, I would have expected a different reaction somehow.

    1. That is a curious thing. It's interesting to see at what point the changes in a Sherlock adaptation cross a threshold in one's mind that takes it out of feeling like a solid Sherlock Holmes. With me, the change in the Watson relationship and the addition of the father just feel horribly off, and the preview bits haven't had the strength to make up for that.