Sunday, September 23, 2012

A long night for the Sherlock fan.

Well, a Sherlock fan just had to watch the Emmy Awards tonight, didn’t they?

Over two hours of comedy awards, reality TV awards, drama awards . . . and what the Hellgravia? Was everybody who voted just pissed off at England this year? The BBC stuff is getting nothing. Nice to see Benedict and Martin in the audience. And I can’t begrudge Danny Strong beating out Stephen Moffat for writing, since I’m an old Buffy fan, and seeing “Jonathan” up accepting an Emmy was like something out of the “Superstar” episode of that show.

But really? Just blowing the chance to see Lucy Liu present an award to Sherlock was just kinda sad.

The true irony, however, was that Sherlock was beat out in so many categories by a movie called Game Change. Because if nothing else, Sherlock was a game change in the way Sherlock Holmes could be portrayed. Nobody pulled off a successful modernization of  Sherlock Holmes for almost fifty years when that team took up the cause. It was something that almost everybody, Sherlock Homes fans and non-fans alike didn’t think you could do and keep that Sherlock Holmes feel.

So after spending two hours watching Jimmy Kimmel mess with an awards show, only to be disappointed, I just can’t be too disappointed.

Sherlock exists. It was good enough to get a nomination.

That is just pretty damn cool, and I still find it worth some happy.

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