Saturday, September 8, 2012

Elementary magic . . . well, why not.

These are, indeed, strange days. And Sherlock Holmes being in a popular phase has never been stranger.

This morning on the WelcomeHolmes Yahoo! group, Howard Ostrom pointed out a feature on a YouTube show called “The TV News” where a Tarot card reader evaluated the upcoming CBS Sherlock show Elementary with her Tarot deck.

Let me say that again: A Tarot card reader predicted the future of a Sherlock Holmes adaptation. Yes, our cool, scientific “no ghosts need apply” Sherlock has inspired a magical investigation . . . Victorian Holmes (or that Cumberbatch doppelganger who splattered on the pavement) is surely spinning in his grave.

“Prudence Theriault’s 2 Minute Tarot” features Prudence pulling a handful of cards and interpreting “whether it will fly or flop” with “lethally accurate” skill, as the TV News anchor intros. Prudence and her cards judge Elementary to be “an intelligent new take” that is “fraught with passion” but “perceived as foolish.” She garners a lot out of the Fool card she draws, giving it “perceived as foolish,” but also “a breakthrough idea” that is “driven by a strong individual” who is “backed by power”  with an “I don’t care what you think” attitude.

Her final prediction is nicely vague and lets the viewer draw their own conclusions: a Merlin card tells her it’s a magical show that will attract viewers, but will have a lot of “negative pressure” and “to get this show done is what the real goal is.”

No matter what you think of Prudence's methods, I can’t help but agree with her conclusion:

I can’t wait for Elementary to be done.

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