Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sherlock and the beanstalk.

Sometimes you find your obsession filtering into experiences that have nothing to do with it . . . on the surface. Something as harmless as going to see a fairy tale fantasy movie like Jack the Giant Slayer, which I did today, suddenly takes a Sherlockian turn.

I enjoyed Nicholas Hoult's turn as a zombie in Warm Bodies, not all that long ago, but when he showed up de-zombied with an English accent in Jack the Giant Slayer, suddenly a new thought came to mind.

"This guy could play a great young Sherlock Holmes."

Looking a little like a mix of Benedict Cumberbatch and Merlin's Colin Morgan, Hoult has that certain cerebral look that winds up missing in a lot of wannabe Sherlocks. But that alone wouldn't make Jack the Giant Slayer blog-worthy -- here's what did:

Jack the Giant Slayer is a prequel to the BBC Sherlock.

I'm serious. If you see the movie, you'll understand. Not giving away any plot spoilers here, but at a certain wonderful point in the movie, I just stopped and went, "Holy crap, Moriarty was trying to . . . ."


"But, Brad!" you might protest. "Jack and the beanstalk is a whole fantasy thing. Sherlock is real world!"

Yeah, and Moriarty was more than a little bit crazy, too. So if you were on the fence about seeing Jack, just close enough that a little Sherlock cookie might help your decision . . . well, people have done crazier things in the name of Holmes.

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  1. Thought the same thing at the end.........too funny!!