Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sleep tight, kiddies. I will.


Are you ready for a Thursday night story?

This is the story of Sir Sherlock-He's-Not.

Sir Sherlock-He's-Not was silliest and talkiest hobo on Skid Row.

But soon all the other hobos began to realize they could cook beans and hop trains without him.

And so they began to wonder.

Why were they putting up with Sir Sherlock-He's-Not?

Oh, yes.

So one of the hobos went to Lucy Liu and said, "You could do Sir Sherlock-He's-Not's job.

"Why don't you start training?"

And then Lucy Liu started training.

But that wasn't the end of Sir Sherlock-He's-Not.


He got a two hour season finale on May 16.

But he probably won't die then, because that would be copying all the real Sherlocks, which Sir Sherlock-He's-Not very much hates to do.

The End.

(Thank you, Kickstarter, for a certain project that got funding today!)


  1. Replies
    1. The Sir Boast-a-lot fanbook!

  2. LOL! Got my kickstarter notice, too.

  3. Why don't you look at the fact that once again something is helping with the continued growth of Sherlock Holmes and have fun with the fact the no matter how you may hate the show, it gets people talking about it. Of course I don't if you will post this.