Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Grasping for Sherlockian blog-straws.

Well, yesterday I wrote about the old school Sherlockian American mainstream, and now I feel the need to cleanse my blog palate. But alas, some nights, there is just nothing that inspires the Sherlockian soul.

Comparing an episode of MTV's Catfish to the story  "A Case of Identity?"

Nawww . . .

The new PDF versions of The Illustrious Clients News? Well, it kind of looks the same, but it's PDF. PDF! I don't know how many blogs there are about PDFs there are by people who aren't creating PDFs or instructing other people about creating PDFs. I may start getting it that way to save space . . . and with hopes that someday I'll have a virtual library to virtually go into and read it.

Still, PDFs . . . not a lot to chew on there.

A headline from Vanity Fair: "With Decoy Babies, Kim Kardashian Has Basically Become A Modern Day Sherlock Holmes." Well, I hate to say "I told you so," but the bar has definitely been lowered on what constitutes a "Sherlock Holmes." Thanks, CBS!

Oh, yeah, I'm taking the summer off from a certain subject . . . .

And SherlockeDCC comes down to the final day of raising funds for the big San Diego Comic Con party, currently at $5601 of its $7500 goal. Tonight should be some interesting web-watching as the various organizers rally the fan troops to help give Sherlock Holmes fandom a presence at the iconic San Diego event. San Diego Comic Con has become a huge touchstone of entertainment culture in the past decade, and having Sherlock fandom there is no little thing. This is actually a subject worth blogging about!

Unfortunately, I've just run out of time for the moment. Tonight, however, may be another story!

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  1. I subscribe to 'The Illustrious Clients News,' but do not know what a PDF is. Will I see a difference? Guess not.