Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Perfect casting. Perfect.

Okay, Elementary, you've got me! You're actually more entertaining when you're not on the air than on!

Summer should be a time when we can take a break from our normal routines, enjoy the sun, and think of better things. But every week it seems like some bit of news on CBS's faux Sherlock show, Elementary, is hitting the web. And tonight, they finally produced a tidbit that I just couldn't pass up commenting on:

Rhys Ifans is going to be playing Big Brother Elementary this fall.

Yes, Spike from Notting Hill. Adrian from Little Nicky. Xenophilius Lovegood from Harry Potter.

It's incredibly perfect casting. Just as the part of Mycroft Holmes requires an actor who can be conceivably be better at observation and deduction than whoever is playing Sherlock, the part of Big Brother Elementary requires a talent for scruffiness that transcends Jonny Lee Miller's. And who can do scruffy like nobody's business?

Rhys Ifans. And if they want to borrow notes from Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes, here is a Big Brother Elementary who can do buck naked. His James Hook from the delightful mini-series Neverland already gives him revisionist TV cred. Here's an actor who can bring the good stuff to a project, just like . . .

. . . Lucy Liu. Oh.

Suddenly the flashbacks to Star Wars: Phantom Menace begin. So many fun actors. Such a  . . .  .

Ah, but it's summer isn't it? Back to our regularly scheduled vacation fun!


  1. Couldn't believe my eyes when I looked what's new on the net this morning.

  2. Haven't seen 'Notting Hill.' Haven't seen 'Neverland'. Haven't seen 'Little Nicky.' Saw one or two of the 'Harry Potter's' (when the kids were young) Had to search for images of this 'Rhys Ifans.' Scruffy characters seems about right.

  3. The WalMartization of Sherlock and his world continues apace.

    So glad I got rid of TV more than a decade ago...

  4. It seems to me that Elementary is becoming a sort of Love Boat knockoff, in that to keep viewers coming back they have to have the Guest Star of the Week. In any case, Jonny Lee Miller is certainly successful at getting U.S. gigs for his British pals.