Monday, July 22, 2013

Going nonverbal in a time of plenty.

Well . . . .

Usually, I can pull a topic out of thin air. Usually, the blogging is quite the relaxing moment after a long hard day. Usually . . . .

But, let's see, what happened in the last five days. Nothing to write about there, right? Only:

  • The third meeting of Peoria's restarted Sherlock Holmes society, some major authorial news from one of our members, and the return of the Suellen party favor, a Hansom tradition that dates back to the late 1970s.
  • An Irish pub lunch with the current king of Indianapolis Sherlockians, Mr. Vincent W. Wright.
  • The moving of a mass of Sherlockiana to an undisclosed location by the everyday transport that would not draw attention to itself.
  • "The Adventure of the Medium, the Waterfront, and the Unmarked Bills."
  • The San Diego Comicon announcement of the next three Sherlock episode titles.
  • San Diego Comicon.
  • "SherlockeDCC," the party whose Indiegogo fundraiser I happily donated to, which turned into a Twitter-trending fan triumph, complete with Actual Celebrities.
  • Kristina Manente being Kristina Manente. I want to get a Bill and Ted phone booth time machine and get Kristina and John Bennett Shaw together with some of their friends to stage a weekend event. And then we'll all just go there when we die.
  • A summer repeat of the Elementary episode, "Lesser Evils."

Sure, there was all that to blog about . . . in fact, there was too much too blog about . . . and a necessary bit of overwork and a resultant head cold. But it looks like the internet had enough to fill itself these past few days, so I don't feel too badly about not keeping up. May have to revisit some of that one day, though.


  1. I vote for "The Adventure of the Medium, the Waterfront, and the Unmarked Bills." Please write it from Watson's point of view, and if you didn't have a Watson with you when all of that happened on Saturday at the riverfront market, just pretend you did. And if it wasn't as interesting an adventure as the title promises, spice it up a bit with a little imagination...

    1. We'll see! I may have spiced it to the max, just for that bit.

    2. Add a trained cormorant. That will make it an instant hit!