Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Too soon?

This week, The Sherlock Files: The Official Companion to the Hit Television Series by Guy Adams came out in America. It's been out in Britain for a good long time under the more tidy title, Sherlock: The Casebook, but, hey, this is America. When it comes to Sherlock, it always seems like we're dependent upon things crossing the Atlantic on a slow boat.

It got raves in its UK incarnation, it looks like a beautiful, beautiful book, and yet I hesitate . . .


Because I've bought books on popular television shows before, and when is a show most popular? While there are still new episodes to be seen. And if there are still new episodes to be seen, there's a goodly chance that the book will require a second edition with all new material! With any cult show, the market is usually going to hold up for that second book, and given that Guy Adams has done other books on Sherlock Holmes, I'd bet he's going to complete this one once more episodes come available.

Still, Sherlock isn't like the standard American TV series in that we don't just have a three month summer hiatus to wait through. We've got yea . . . oh, I don't even want to think about it. So a booster shot of Sherlock may be just what the good doctor ordered, and The Sherlock Files seems like a handy thing for that. We shall see.

I said I was hesitant, after all. Not crazy.


  1. I have the UK version and its a hoot! Worth it for the "post-it notes" alone. Heh.

  2. The UK original was for the first season only,IIRC. This one covers Seasons one AND two. On Amazon it's under $13. I just pulled the trigger on it... It's six months to season 3, after all!
    When Guy Adams writes more, I'll just give this one away to some deserving young Sherlockian -- thank goodness for the new irregulars!

    1. Nope, the UK version covers all six episodes.

    2. The Casebook covers both series one and two. I'm not sure where you're getting your info from.

  3. T.V. books are usually overprinted. If one has patience, or doesn't care that much, one can wait for it to hit the discount table or show up at 'Half-Price Books.' I can wait.

  4. I pre-ordered mine, so I've had it right from the start. I even pre-ordered two to have one as a gift for my best friend. There's nothing really new in it, of course. Well-known interviews, well-known photos etc. But, as Mary Loving mentioned, the post-it notes from Sherlock to John and vice versa are a treat and it is well made und lovely to look at. So, why not?

  5. Have you seen the SDCC coverage, Brad? A rip-roaring success with 4,000 people in attendance for the Sherlock-panel, although it was "only" SM, MG and Sue Vertue attending. The internet is fairly buzzing this morning. Top that, Elementary! ;-D