Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happiness is a responsive PBS.

When you bitch upon the web,
Makes no difference if tides ebb!
When you bitch upon the web,
Your dreams come truuuuuuuuuuue!

Entertainment Weekly broke the premiere date of Sherlock season three on PBS today, before anyone found out even when BBC was doing their first run, and a good date it is: January 19, 2014. Even now, eight hours later, this probably isn't news to anyone on the web. But having blog-bitched about PBS delaying the last season of Sherlock for months after the BBC premiere, as well as their potential to pull the same stunt this time around, I find I owe the Public Broadcasting Corporation an apology . . . and some money.

This is one of the big problems with blogging . . . other than the part where everybody gets to call you on your every mistake . . . is that one can definitely be held to account for statements made previously. Especially those made just three days ago.

True, technically I did say I'd be making a donation to PBS if they simulcast Sherlock at the same time, or the same weekend, as the BBC, but you know what? I'll take January 19th, without even knowing what the BBC is doing. They're getting a donation from me this year, regardless of my standing opinion that broadcast television is still the dinosaur in the room at this point. 

“We love that Sherlock fans are so passionate and eager to see Season 3,” PBS chief programmer Beth Hoppe was quoted by Entertainment Weekly as saying. 

Yes, Sherlock has fans so passionate that PBS actually acknowledges their existence and considers them in its decisions. You remember Sherlock fans? That oft-discounted-by-elder-Sherlockians group who were once seen as a fluffy flash-in-the-pan? Well, they just got us Sherlock months ahead of when we might have otherwise seen it. They did that. Not grumpy old me, bitching in my blog a few days ago. Not the gathered Baker Street Irregulars of New York, who will be meeting two days prior (and probably in transit home about the time it's going to be showing). Not any other big name Sherlockian past or present you can name.

The Sherlock fans did this. And they should take a well earned victory lap before sitting down to watch "The Empty Hearse" on January 19th. Good on you, ladies and (I know you're out there!) gents.

And thank you. Fans. PBS. Beth Hoppe. I'll just sit here being happy. Happy, happy, happy.


  1. Well done Brad! They listened to you! ;-D))

  2. On the other hand, by not having seen even season two yet, and probably not being able to see it for a year or so until I can carve out time, I still have something to look forward to...

    Hell, it took us nine months to watch the first three episodes on DVD because we used it as a treat in rare quiet moments.

  3. Brad, have we heard any indication if the US broadcasts will be edited, as they were last time?

    1. Very good question! No word on that yet, that I've seen. Hope not . . . unless maybe they ADD footage.

  4. From an outside perspective, I actually like what PBS tries to do. I'm not sure how good they are actually doing it, but it is important to insert some quality into the US programming from time to time and do projects without having constantly one eye on the sponsors or the advertising.

  5. Right on, Brad. We need all Sherlockians!