Sunday, January 19, 2014

8:58 Central Standard Time . . . really?

Here I am waiting again.

Y'know, for all their little promotion of the event, I get the feeling that PBS just really isn't that into Sherlock. 

I mean, who puts an actual "We're proud of this and consider it a big event!" season premiere on at two minutes before the hour?  Is there that much fear that the Downton Abbey crowd is going to jump up and go, "Nine c'clock! Turn the TV off!"

And what is with putting a ninety minute television show on at practically-nine on a Sunday night, anyway? It's a good thing we decided against a premiere party, as who has the time to spend in long, thoughtful discussions at 10:30 PM with a job to get to the next day? (And hush up, you Martin-Luther-King-Day off jobs people. Do I need to add "You suck!"? Because I will.)

You know, earlier this weekend I seriously considered just waiting until Monday and buying the show from iTunes. I mean, I just waited eighteen days while the rest of the world watched the damned thing, blogged, podcasted, and made YouTube videos on it. What's one more day?

"Appointment television" is more and more becoming the dinosaur in the room, and PBS sure isn't doing it any favors with this little bit of scheduling fun. 

But hey, Jonny Lee Miller commented on my buddy Don Hobbs and friend Jacquelynn Morris got into the B.S.I. this weekend. Those two events should be enough to keep me from crabbing for the extra hour to get to Sherlock right?

Oh, wait a minute . . . or 58 minutes. Or actually 83 minutes. Sigh.

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  1. It starts at 10 here, just over the border. Which means my husband won't stay up to watch it with me, so I did buy the iTunes season pass just for him. And I thought JLM's response to Don Hobbs was was Jacquelynn's investiture--so well deserved.