Monday, January 20, 2014

Yesterday's big TV event!

While all the attention might have been on PBS's Sherlock season premiere, we really can't ignore the fact that CBS did make some attempt to compete earlier in the day by rolling out it's version of Sherlock Holmes, the one-of-a-kind . . . David McAllister?

Or maybe it was Howard Ostrom or one of the girls . . . and eventually there was that Miller fellow . . .

After a year in waiting, CBS Sunday Morning finally ran it's Mo Rocca piece on "The continuing popularity of Sherlock Holmes." I say "a year in waiting," even though much footage is from 221B Con, because at least some of it was shot at last year's B.S.I. weekend, and originally intended for later that month.

The nearly seven minute segment gets five stars from Sherlock Peoria, as it manages to say a lot in that short time, ranging from naked Sherlocks to a message from Jonny Lee Miller to my old partner in blogging, Don Hobbs. The Baker Street Babes and Always 1895 got nice plugs, Michael Dirda made an appearance, and overall the segment felt very fresh, even though it was a year in the making.

Curious timing, for a network to be running a Sherlock Holmes feature the day its biggest rival is making a splash . . . maybe just a subtle way of going "Our show is still here, too!" . . . but one more thing in a day of fun.

The lovely thing about YouTube, where the video now resides, is that you can pause-and-look, pause-and-look, and see who else got on TV that morning besides the featured interviewees. Lyndsay Faye gets to nod in agreement with Ashley Polasek. Marilynne McKay can be found on her knees as Mrs. Hudson at one point, plainly a tribute to the landlady's vital part in the dummy-turning of "The Adventure of the Empty House." At exactly the 29 second mark, you can pause and see the backs of Regina Stinson and Jacquelynn Morris as they have lunch. And if you pause right on the 5:51 mark in the video and look for a red shirt?

You'll see the writer behind this very blog, as his psychic powers come in and he realizes he will one day appear in a CBS show with Jonny Lee Miller.

At least, that's the excuse I'm giving for the goofy look on my face.

(And here's your "DVD bonus" . . . to see Don Hobbs and I at a younger point in our lives, wearing the same red shirts as I had on that day with embroidered Dancing Men code, here's a link.)

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  1. Did he say "One can deduce that David McCallister has been reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories a little bit longer than most the other attendees here." Is Mo Rocca insinuating our David McCallister is old? :-) Yes I caught the red shirt at the 5:51 mark, and the Benedict Cumberbatch sneakers on that guy who looks so familiar at the 6:05 mark too.Very good piece by Mr. Rocca, worth the wait.