Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Molly Hooper, sober companion.

A good episode of Sherlock evokes many a tribute, reference, or "what if" in the Sherlockian mind . . . sometimes days after the original viewing. And this time out, I finally realized the strangest thing of all in "His Last Vow." Spoilers, kids, if that matters at this point.

Sherlock worked in an Elementary tribute this season.

Faced with the question of what to do with the non-Canonical Molly Hooper, the folks at Sherlock seem to have borrowed a page from their cousins at CBS. For what do we find Molly doing?

Becoming Sherlock's female Watson. Addressing his seeming drug problem.

Suddenly, she's Joan Watson. With fire. Molly Hooper, sober companion.

Molly Hooper slapping the crap out of Sherlock Holmes when she thinks he's succumbed to drug addiction was a better moment for me than any of the real or imagined kisses of earlier in the season. Little Molly, after seasons of meek Sherlock-worship, finally has enough, lets the rage flow, and lets Sherlock have it.

Of course, she isn't hired by Sherlock's adorable father or bedded by his older brother, but, hey, let's not get silly now.

Molly's moment of reaction to drugs in Sherlock's bloodstream showed us a fire that I wish Joan Watson could come up with every episode on Elementary. But this season seems to be everybody's time to take a shot at Sherlock, so maybe the American show's "whack-a-Sherlock" season is still to come.


  1. It's actually the one scene I don't like - mainly because I don't approve of violence. It is not okay when a man hits a woman, so why should it be okay for a woman to hit a man? If she had slightly showed him, that would have been okay, but slapping goes too far imho.
    BTW, now that you are an official Sherlock fan, you might like my blog, The Science of Adaptation.

  2. There are quite a few homages to "Elementary" in "His Lat Vow" and "Elementary" comes off better. Just my opinion.