Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Standing where you might get finger slipped.

"For long time readers of Mr Keefauver’s blog, it’s sometimes unclear where exactly he stands regarding the brave new Holmesian world we find growing around us every day."
-- Matt Laffey, Always1895.net

Yep, Matt hit the nail on the head in his comment in last week's round-up at Always 1895. And, as Lady Coincidence would have it, I have never been more unclear on that stance than tonight.

Being a little behind on my podcasts, I was catching up on the Baker Street Babes today with their 52nd episode, "A Finger Slip Web Series." Now, a little Googling will very quickly catch you up on what "A Finger Slip" is all about. You'll learn:

a.) "A Finger Slip" is a fan fiction tale told entirely in text messages, an idea taken from another fan fiction based on the TV show Glee.

b.) "A Finger Slip: Web Series" has a Kickstarter that has already raised $13,000 toward adapting that fan fiction into video. Their goal was $10,000, so they're doing pretty well.

c.) A "finger slip" is a technique for touching a woman's private parts, according to the description you'll find in the Urban Dictionary.

And apparently, "A Finger Slip" has touched a lot of folks's mental private parts.

Now, having listened to the Babes' podcast, read a bit of the fic, and checked out the Kickstarter, here's what I have to say about it all: Listen to the Babes' podcast, read the fan fiction, and check out the Kickstarter. And see what you think.

We live in an age where a young dreamer can get an idea to adapt an idea based on an idea, with both of the last two ideas based on two other ideas, then raise $13,000 to fulfill that dream, funded by folks who want to see that dream come true. Now, there's a temptation to be a little cynical about all of that, and maybe a wee bit of that has crept into my words tonight, but here's the thing:


But here we are, in this brave new Sherlockian world, and any of us could do such things. Young or old. Some of those who are doing them could seem a little naive as to the ways of the world at times, a little wet behind the ears, etc., etc., but hey, if they're doing it and we're not, good on them.* Perhaps it's not knowing some of the possible pitfalls out there that gives them such enthusiasm to move ahead.

I'm less and less sure of where I stand in our modern Sherlockian world for one simple reason: It's a much bigger place than it used to be and there are just so many, many places to stand now. And with so many available, you have to move around a little bit just to get the view from a few different angles.


*This statement only applies to amateur endeavors and not big-budget corporate efforts that could be a lot better given the resources available to them. You know who I'm talking about.


  1. Have never texted, so that leaves me out of definitions A and B of 'A Finger Slip.' HAVE made use of definition C - but that could also be Hand Slip or Tongue Slip. If others want to expand their Sherlockian World with text fan fiction - more power to them. They do not need approval from others, and can, likewise, disregard disapproval.

  2. At first I too thought AFS, the title of said Sherlockian fanfic, referred to 'actes charnels' - which is understandable considering the XXX nature/content of many fan fictions (with ratings of R or NC17 or MA, etc.) - but then I realized there was a much more mundane explanation: the premise of AFS is that John and Sherlock meet accidentally due to the text message equivalent of dialing the wrong number; and the easiest way to send a text message to the wrong person is to press the wrong button via a slip of the finger.

    Regardless, I would like to take this moment to officially nominate Mr Keefauver for 'Best single sentence found in a Sherlockian blog for the month of February' for the following: "And apparently, "A Finger Slip" has touched a lot of folks's mental private parts."