Monday, September 8, 2014


Welcome, ladeez and gentlemen to another evening of sports entertainment coming to you from the Statler Waldorf Megadome, here in beautiful midtown Peoria! Tonight we're bringing together a pair of combatants who haven't squared off in this arena before for what promises to a fine night of podcast competition. So LET'S GET READY TO GRRUUMMMMMBLLLLLE!!!

In this corner, weighing in at 57 episodes, the Baker Street Dozen (plus an otter) . . . the Dauntingest Things under a Bonnet . . . Charlie Magnussen's Angels . . . THE BAKER STREET BABES!!

And in the other corner, the veteran at 67 episodes and four more years at the podcast game, the 221 Tag Team . . . the Wolder and Scully of the B.S.I . . . the Full Press Monty . . . I HEAR OF SHERLOCK EVERYWHERE!!

DING! And there's the bell to start round one. Both contenders come out of their corners with their latest podcasts, and . . . what's this? Both are starting this bout trading sponsor blurbs, and they're matching each other blurb for blurb! A Gasogene Books/Wessex Press, followed by a Baker Street Journal! But when Everywhere pulls back at the thirty-second mark, Babes keep at it with a Scintillation of Scions push! Their youthful energy has them coming off strong in the initial exchange of sponsors.

But Everywhere has a head start on their intro, bringing in Charles Gray followed by jungle drums, a seriously announcer voice, and sound bites from the Jeremy Brett series. It seems a pretty full intro, but they're out of the gate and into the podcast proper at the minute-thirty mark with a hearty hello from Scott Monty.

The Babes filk singer doesn't seem to be hurrying their theme any -- the "quotidian" is still in there -- and that extra sponsor winds up costing them a solid 30 seconds before Curly gets her "Welcome!" out. The always unpredictable Babes are bringing five members into the ring tonight, plainly confident that will be enough to take on their two opponents.

Everywhere is plainly in this for the long haul. They tease the news and go into their contact info at a steady pace that takes them to the five minute mark, by which time, Babes have introduced their topic and are rambling laughingly in circles around the other podcast. If they keep this pace up, they won't last a full fifty-five minutes!

OH MY CROFT! Just past the five-and-a-half minute mark, Everywhere pulls out a complete shocker! In October, Everywhere announces, they are planning a co-recorded show with the Babes!

What's this? They're having a big podcast hug? The crowd here at the Statler Waldorf arena is going wild! Who could have foreseen this? Not the guy who came up with the idea of having them podcast-off in tonight's blog, that's for sure . . . and the fight has gone completely out of this match-up as the crowd rushes the ring and that post-fight Rocky music plays!

"YO! Adrian Conan Doyle!" (And we're not even sure who that was . . . .)

WARNING: Simultaneous podcast listening can be hazardous to your unified personality and is not recommended or endorsed by Sherlock Peoria, its staff, or any of its advertisers, should we ever have any. 

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