Sunday, May 3, 2015

Random bits from a lazy Sunday.

An Illustrious Client passed through Peoria today, but why meet a Sherlockian for lunch in Peoria when you can share some poutine in Kickapoo?

It's that kind of random day, so it seems like a good point to just blog up some thoughts that have been twirling around the Brad-o-sphere this week, even though none of them are really large enough to fill a single entry.


Anesidora Ivory, the automaton female lead from Sherlock Holmes and Dinosaurs, almost supernaturally foreshadowed Ava from the film Ex Machina. Both characters are just enigmatic enough to make us unsure of where they're headed at movie's end, which either has to do with  the nature of technology or femininity or both. If my ongoing Anesidora fanfic ever reaches a conclusion, perhaps the two can meet . . . along with those two Cylons in Times Square at the end of [NAME WITHHELD FOR SPOILERAGE].


I was reading a December 26, 2014 issue of Entertainment Weekly, their "2015 Preview" with a collage of 2015 hot media buzz-pics: Game of Thrones, Jurassic World, Star Wars, Avengers, etc., etc., and Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock. This was there due to a piece on new and exciting TV shows expected to come out in 2015, all of which were brand new, except for Sherlock. Since there's only one episode of Sherlock that could even possibly appear in 2015, and just barely at that, one has to conclude that Entertainment Weekly's marketing department has discovered that Sherlock Holmes -- the Sherlock one -- is popular enough to sell a few more magazines. Me, I just wonder if we should quite calling Sherlock a TV series and just accept that it's a series of movies with a really freaky release date schedule and screen-size problem.


And speaking of things that we should just accept are something other than what they get categorized under, this week I actually had a moment where I wondered why I'm blogging about Elementary, when the accepted mission of my blogging is that it's Sherlock Holmes-related. This is not meant to be a knock on that show, just a report that between its own story development and my own use of the names "Mr. Elementary" and "Joan," I've managed to put it in a totally different wing of my mind palace than Sherlockiana, where it went quietly and without protest.


That said, I still managed to also come up with on more theory on Sherlock's statement by Mycroft Holmes: "You know what happened to the other one." Could Mycroft merely have been talking about Jonny Lee Miller's character from Elementary, Scott Holmes, a brother so far down a drug-addled path that they convinced him a scuzzy restauranteur was Mycroft and that his girlfriend was Moriarty and ditched him in NYC? (It's like one of Watson's continuity puzzles -- I still want to make that oddly shaped Elementary piece fit into the Sherlock universe. It's a dominance thing, I guess.)


Well, that's enough laziness for this Sunday. on to Reichenbach week! Happy diving!

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