Saturday, September 12, 2015

That Sherlock-shaped hole at the Emmy awards.

The first round of Emmy award winners came out tonight, and even though I really knew that there wasn't going to be any Sherlockian television mentioned there this year, a part of me still hoped there was some episode of Sherlock I somehow missed that somehow got nominated and maybe even had won. I actually did a "find" on the page for "Sherlock" just to check.

This is part of the problem with that on-again, off-again schedule of Sherlock. Not only do its fans miss it for long periods of time, inanimate award creatures like Emmy can also miss it, too. Somewhere the spirit of Emmy is home from her Creative Awards night going, "Did Sherlock get cancelled? It wasn't on my lists this year, and . . . oh, it's an off year, isn't it? *Heavy sigh.*"

Ah, we are such spoiled Sherlockians these days.

In other news, Benedict Cumberbatch basically says, "I'm not sexy, Sherlock Holmes is!" Which means, I guess, that Benedict would find Holmes a man he could be in a fan fiction tryst with, which is probably delighting a writer or two out there.

Like I said, such spoiled Sherlockians these days.

But when I look at our latest Prince of Sherlock in that deerstalker from the upcoming Christmas special, though, the word "sexy" just seems to deflate and fripperly fly around the room like an untied balloon . . . that damned deerstalker. Sooooo goofy.

And yet, somehow, I think we'll be seeing that Christmas special mentioned in the Emmy nominations for something or the other . . . like Costuming . . . come next September. Can even that nutty fore-and-aft cap get an Emmy nod?

Oh, wait, "A Scandal in Belgravia" did get nominated for a costuming Emmy, so that deerstalker is, technically, "Emmy nominated."

The deerstalker. Wow.

But hopefully we'll be seeing our favorite Sherlock Holmes program again in the Emmy noms next year at this time so I can write about something other that the possibility that a hat is award material.

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