Monday, September 7, 2015

WoBS: The leaked pilot recap.

I've mentioned West of Baker Street on these pages a couple of times now, and, well, it's finally here.

The season will be starting soon, and Sherlock Peoria is going to be running recaps of West of Baker Street's weekly episodes for its entire twenty-four episode first season. And this will be the only place you'll be seeing recaps of the show for one simple reason: it doesn't exist.

Yes, in this age of hundreds of major and minor cable networks, YouTube channels, video streaming services -- each with its own original programming -- West of Baker Street is pioneering something newer still: A television show that's only being aired in the mind of one mildly delusional Sherlockian.

And if you can recall the TV recaps done in the past by that same mildly delusional Sherlockian, you know that they won't be overly complete, overly detailed, or consistently on-topic. But there will be one for each week the show airs. In said mind.

West of Baker Street isn't an AU fanfic, really. (Alternate universe, for those of you not into abbreviations.) It's a television recap from an alternate universe where an American television network decided to take Sherlock Holmes in a very American direction and make it a Western from the get-go. And what makes it even more confusing is that Dr. Watson isn't Dr. Watson, even though he gets called "Watson" a lot. (Though he's still, legitimately "John H.")

But enough talky-talky-talk . . . let's get to it. At the bottom of this post is a link to the more-detailed recap of the leaked pilot episode of West of Baker Street. Which means it may not be exactly what winds up in the first episode, when it has its season premiere, but we shall see.

And if I begin referencing Roger Ebert and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls in future blog posts, well, don't be surprised. Felt a real kinship to ol' Roger as this recap went together.

So, ladies and gentlemen who have too much time on your hands, allow me to present . . .

West of Baker Street, the leaked pilot episode.


  1. Great fun pilot script, rivals "The Return of the World's Great Detective" with Larry 'Who shot J.R.' Hagman as my favorite Holmes pilot never to be picked up. Just needs a touch of "Broncho Billy" Anderson in it to put it over the top.

  2. Very enjoyable indeed! Loved especially this line: "“To the student of crime, the more appropriate study is the criminal,” Holmes remarks, “and this new land is full of them, in a quite charming variety.”