Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sherlockoween trick-or-treating, anyone?

Now that our parents won't let us go house to house begging for candy any more . . . "YOU'RE FORTY-EIGHT YEARS OLD! WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT?" . . . we children of the modern age must find new traditions to placate our holiday sweet tooth this Halloweekend. And if we can't go tricks-or-treating out in the old neighborhoods, why not take it up in one of our newer locales? Why not go trick-or-treating on YouTube with some random video-to-video search-knocking?

Here's what I found in my goodie bag when the night was through:

A Sherlock version of The American Horror Story theme?

Zombie night at the Villain's Pub with another Cumberbatch character?

The entire movie of Rathbone's Sherlock Holmes Faces Death? (It's got a raven and a bottle of "Mother's Ruin" served up before taking you to spooky old Musgrave Manor and its corpse-lights "waiting like lost souls in the limelight.")

Oh! It's Creepy Watson! He's always an old favorite!

Sherlock and TV's Rumplestiltskin just being all music-video horror?

Downey Jr. Holmes and the kid vampire from Let the Right One In. People do like their crossover music videos.

Emmy Holmes hunts a dog eater. Scary business -- I mean, dog eater!

The top five scariest Sherlock Holmes stories by a guy who likes to call his audience f@#%ing morons. He does use Jeremy Brett clips, though.

That's Halloween trick-or-treating for you . . . you get what people are willing to give you, based on their own tastes, budget, or what was laying around. The same seems to apply for videos and candy, and both seem to be something you shouldn't depend upon for your good health.

But, hey, it's a holiday and even Sherlockians need to commemorate it somehow, right?

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