Monday, December 12, 2016


Well, if the streets are buzzing with baby name news about BBC Sherlock, I might as well go with it tonight.

Rob Nunn asked if the name of the Watsons' new baby, coyly advertised as a birth announcement in the Telegraph, had Canonical significance.

Well, unless you count "Rosamund" as a mashup of painter Salvator Rosa and young constable Edmunds, the answer would be "no."

But Salvator Rosa was mentioned in The Sign of Four, the original Canonical tale where the originals of Rosamund Watson's parents met. And Edmunds appears in "The Veiled Lodger," which does remind one of how we last saw Mary Morstan-Watson enter the mind-play of "The Abominable Bride," coming to Baker Street hidden in a veil.

Salvator Rosa is kind of interesting, said by some to have spent time living among roving bandits, and painting one piece called "Justice leaving the Earth." He also wrote satire. Edmunds isn't around for Holmes to solve his case, however, and is sent off to India.

If "Rosamund Mary Watson" is at all original Canon based, it may find a source in Holmes's quote, "What a lovely thing a rose is!" combined with the second half of the original name-source which finds "mund" meaning "protection."

Because if John and Mary Watson are going to be having a baby, everybody better be all about protection. I just worry that her middle name, "Mary," isn't a tribute to her late mother. (Watson as a single dad, though . . . is that even possible?)

All in all, it is probably just an echo of Rosamund Marriott Watson, the Victorian poet, who apparently liked to use "aggression in marriage" as one of her themes . . . hmm, that's not a dandy omen at all. She also married an Australian named "Armytage," and doesn't that conjure up a certain Sherlockian character who, in his way, might have triggered the entire Sherlockian Canon.

All sorts of theories swirling about right now, but in the end, Rosamund is just a baby. Probably not going to pull a gun on anyone is an unexpected act of betrayal or anything too dramatic . . . at least not this season.

But she's on her way, along with the rest of season four of Sherlock. 


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  1. "Probably not going to pull a gun on anyone"

    It's been done before though, Maggie did shoot Mr Burns after all...