Thursday, August 16, 2018

A rare Sherlockianly satiated state.

There have been moments, in writing a Sherlockian blog, when no topics would come to mind.

And there have been times when so much other Sherlockian writing is going on that the blog gets a back seat and nothing gets written for a while.

This week, however, is the rare convergence of a Sherlockianly satisfied fullness, following the "Holmes in Heartland" weekend, with a deluge of non-Sherlockian occupations. Work projects, a family wedding, a big game expansion release . . . the sort of week when days can go by without a thought of Sherlock Holmes, even sitting in a room filled with books and iconograpy of the man himself.

Yes, there are always times when non-Sherlockian life gets in the way . . . but this week?

This week, all the creative output from the week before combined with all the friends seen over the last week, whatever normal inner urges that drive Sherlockian output, whether they be duty, narcissism, need for connection, or the pure love of Sherlock Holmes . . . all those urges find themselves in a rare satiated state.

Which is bad, because I still want to finish the John H. Watson Society Treasure Hunt, and the winners are already starting to cross the finish line for that event.

So, for the moment, I find myself obnoxiously blogging about just being satisfied with the Sherlock Holmes part of my life. Except for that one thing. But that's how the cravings always start again, with just the one thing.

Somehow, I doubt that this state will last very long.

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