Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The Ten Exemplars

In his final, ten-page letter to the Baker Streeet Irregulars this weekend, the departing head of the organization continued to push his thoughts on who should be a member of that group, laying out his "Ten BSI Exemplars" which will be published and distributed at their annual dinner this year. They are:
  • Promote and nurture Grand Game scholarship 
  • Diverse, exceptional, merit-based membership—not elitist 
  • Kind, welcoming clubbability with joyful, whimsical environment 
  • Altruistic volunteerism—giving more than you receive—“society above self” 
  • Aspirational, not reactionary 
  • Inherent modesty vs. taking oneself too seriously 
  • Extremely high standards—reject “good enough” 
  • Societal leadership fiscally responsible—sufficient funds maintained to accomplish most, if not all, objectives 
  • Societal and member Sherlockian charitable generosity 
  • No politics and no contentious agendas 
It's an odd mixed bag, and I'll let you have your own thoughts on them, other than to say this. Remember those fun old "Buy-Laws" from the early days of the Baker Street Irregulars, cherished by many and carried on through the ages?

Well, this is where we are now.

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