Thursday, July 30, 2020

The 2020 blogging quota

While I'm not sure how concerned anyone else is about the number of times I post about Sherlock Holmes in a given month, looking at the little "Blog Archive" scoreboard is something I do from time to time, to see if I'm winning against the me of other years. And this year, I am definitely not winning.

I've done about 33% less posting so far compared to last year, and I've got excuses: podcasting, less in-person Sherlockian events to write about, not even an Elementary left to debate, John H. Watson Society duties, trying to write a book, etc.  But Sherlock Peoria management (which is also me) is just not happy with the numbers the staff is putting on the board. Every time month-end nears and I'm down from the previous month, or the previous year's same month, I start desperately whipping up a couple more blog posts for the month to try to bump the stats slightly.

A good motivation for blogging? Not necessarily. For writing, however, just exercising the old verbal functions? Just fine.

One more on the pile.

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