Sunday, July 11, 2021

Diary of the DRC Treasure Hunt, Day Fifteen: The B-list Sherlockian

 Even within the Doyle's Rotary Coffin Treasure Hunt, there are challenges within challenges.

Take item 36 on the infamous list: "One photo of four different things from the Canon which start with the letter 'B.'"

Easy enough. My brain immediately went to book, bed, bottle, and beast -- I could grab the cat, sit on the bed with a book and a bottle, and the deal is done, right?

T'were it only that easy. I am a Sherlockian you know.

Here is my photo for item 36 . . . .

By my personal count, there are twenty-six items from the Canon in the photo above that begin with the letter "B." Care to try to find all twenty-six?

I'll wait.

While I'm waiting (and the answers, by my count, are going to follow below), let me claim twenty-six as the current WORLD RECORD for most Canonical items beginning with "B" in one photograph. The challenge has been made and laid out for anyone who wants to break that record and claim to be the greater B-list Sherlockian than yours truly. 

But back to this photo . . . .

Here . . .

are . . . 

the. . .


1. Bed
2. Book
3. Bottle
4. Beast
5. Bear
6. Bird
7. Bank (The duck is a bank. Once you've gotten four certain ones, you can add some ones which may need to have their case argued.)
8. Black pearl
9. Brittannia
10. Bible
11. Biography
12. Box
13. Bust
14. Boot
15. Box
16. Blue ribbon
17. Boy
18. Buttons
19. Bread
20. Butter
21. Bowl of a pipe
22. Beard
23. Bowler
24. Bow
25. Bull's eye lantern
26. Brick

There's a brain, but it's covered. There's a Baker Street Irregular, but the judges might throw that out. (Probably stretching their limits with "boy.") Can the same item count twice, as with the bird and the bank? I dunno. The DRC Treasure Hunt sub-challenges have no rules, which is part of the fun. Go ahead, be a better B-list Sherlockian than me, and we can start a B-list Sherlockian club for anyone who gets above four items for number 36 on the DRC list.


P.S. Here's number eight on the list: "A photo of you dressed as someone from the Canon."

Professor Presbury

P.P.S. Number twenty-three, "A photo of a street sign which involves the name of an obscure character in the Canon.


  1. I agree that a bird is a bird and a bank is a bank and something can be both, but 2 boxes just a few numbers apart? All I need to break your record is to collect my Amazon boxes for a while!