Monday, July 5, 2021

Diary of the DRC Treasure Hunt, Day Nine

Today, it was time to loose the hounds!

Pacing myself in working at the Doyle's Rotary Coffin Treasure Hunt between now and December 26 isn't proving as tough as I thought -- this is a most distracting summer! Still, time marches on and photos must be taken. 

Item number thirty one, "A photo of ten different copies of The Hound of the Baskervilles," seemed easy-peasey at first. And then I remembered the box of varied paperback copies of that very novel that I delivered to a certain 221B Con support suite with a couple boxes of snacks one year after a house-cleaning purge. All of the paperbacks where gone!!! Did I even have ten copies of The Hound of the Baskervilles left in my collection, if I didn't use any of The Complete Sherlock Holmes or Baring-Gould Annotated editions? Well, it wasn't quite as easy as it once might have been, and several items got knocked off shelves in the process, but here's the photo fulfilling that item:

I added some bonus Hound bits in there to beef it up, along with the steel Hound silhouette that my brother had made for me from the "Weekend at Baskerville Hall" logo. Since you have to be in the photos, in whole or part, I let the part of me get in that would want to add a certain book to the set do its job.

But I'm learning my lesson: Some of the photos in this scavenger hunt are going to take some real planning. Nothing can be taken for granted. But there looks to be some real fun to be had in the list, and I am only on my third checkmark of Hunt.

Sound the hunting horn, loose the hounds, and let the hunt continue! 

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