Thursday, November 17, 2022

So Sherlock Holmes isn't Sherlock Holmes in the Marvel Universe?

Sherlock Holmes has been in comics a long time. In his later years, he even trained Batman in detection, according to one DC Comics tale years ago. But in DC's counterpart comic company, Marvel, Sherlock Holmes has not been such a memorable figure. Spiderman quoted him once, a Master of Kung Fu character might have been related to him, but as far as actual appearances go? Not so much.

Until this month, and Immortal X-men #8.

Sherlock Holmes appears in the comic, living at 221B Baker Street in Victorian London, clients raving about his genius, pretty much being himself . . . except he's not himself.

He's Mystique.

The long-lived shape-changing mutant who has been presidents, was, in the 1800s, apparently Sherlock Holmes. Using Irene Adler, a mutant also known as Destiny, to help solve crime with her psychic powers, just to cheat at being Sherlock a bit, Mystique is running around being Sherlock Holmes.

So did the real deal die at Reichenbach after all, and she's just filling in?

Was there never a Sherlock who wasn't Mystique in Marvel's Victorian era?

Will we even get answers in a future issue?

Hard to say, but you might want to add this one to your Sherlock Holmes comic collection, it's going fast.

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