Thursday, November 24, 2022

Wednesday Holmes?

 Having just begun the new series Wednesday on Netflix, I'm thinking that this incarnation of Wednesday Addams has a lot of Sherlock Holmes in her.

No, not that she has mysterious to solve. More in her personality. The dark detachment, her private school practice of fencing, playing something moody on a cello, which isn't all that far from a violin . . . and a decided interest in crime, if possibly from the wrong side of it.

Not a social animal at all, she finds herself saddled with a room-mate with some Watson potential. The brother is younger, yes, and less skilled at things, but Wednesday's parents seem to serve as her Mycroft. She has a housemother that fills her Mrs. Hudson spot. Her new psychic visions fill a bit of the detective powers requirement. And here's the odd thing . . .

So far, Wednesday actually seems more like a proper "young Sherlock Holmes" to me than the actual movie Young Sherlock Holmes.  (That movie always had its problems, character-wise, in any case.)

'Tis a pity Netflix does not have the time, money, or creative freedom just to make an Enola Holmes/Wednesday Addams team-up special. The contrast between the characters is actually an interesting study in what makes Sherlock Holmes his full self.

But there's a whole series left to watch -- I was very surprised that it wasn't just a one-off movie with some of the names involved. Let us see how the rest goes.

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