Thursday, January 26, 2023

When the universe just knows a little too much

Coincidences can strike with such keen timing sometimes.

Tonight was our local library Sherlockian discussion group, and a couple of our friends there occasionally will invite us for a drink or a bite after we're done. Tonight they suggested Fox Pub, a local favorite that has trivia nights on Thursdays, which I quickly brought up.

"The last time we got there in the middle of trivia night, I kept accidentally saying answers to things. Maybe that's not the best choice," I objected.

"That night we just happened to know a lot of the answers," my friend assured me. "It will be okay."

We headed for the pub, spoke to the hostess, and were led to a table. Halfway to the table, the trivia night hostess called out:


All four of us started laughing hysterically, baffling everyone else in the pub. There was no question that could have been asked at that moment that proved my fears correct with such perfect timing. None.

Act of God? Proof we're in a simulation? Earlier psychic foreshadowing?

I explained our laughter to the trivia hostess, who appreciated knowing why we broke up for no apparent reason. Later, I would think perhaps I should inform her that there was a second possible answer to that question besides "John," but thought perhaps I'd keep my super-Sherlock-nerd comments to myself at that point and spare her the "Accctuuuallllly . . ." that she probably gets inflicted with far too often.

But it was just damned weird.

Oh, and "The Gloria Scott" is a pretty fascinating story when you really dig into the amount of detail, curious little references, and unusual timings of the thing. But perhaps more on that later.

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