Sunday, August 12, 2012

Go, British guy.

Well, the 2012 London Olympics are finally over.
And my hopes to see England take home the gold in at least one of Sherlock Holmes’s sports was finally realized on Thursday (even though I missed it then), by a thirty-year-old English boxer named Nicola Adams. Adams, a boxer since age thirteen, took home the gold medal in the flyweight division.
What’s really cool is that Nicola Adams won the first gold medal for women’s boxing in history, as women didn’t compete in boxing at the Olympics before this year. And she did it in Sherlock’s own sport, for Sherlock’s own country, and in Sherlock’s own metropolis of London. If, by some strange twist of fate, I ever find myself directing the Nicola Adams story for the movies, you know the ghost of Sherlock is going to be in there somewhere, giving her a nod of approval. (Or, if I’m particularly loopy at that point, actually training her in an empty house, ala the ghost of Bruce Lee in the movie No Retreat, No Surrender.)
I have to admit, though, that I would have forgotten to check up on Great Britain’s Olympic stats this morning, were it not for Pat Ward’s Facebook post, “I found myself yelling ‘Go British guy!’ at the TV during the Men’s 5000 meters race tonight.” Pat has been an active, well written Sherlockian for many years, but I think she has found the catch phrase that will now put her in the great hall of legendary Sherlockians, if she keeps it up.
Because isn’t that the core emotion at the heart of our love of Sherlock Holmes?
Go, British guy! Whether you’re Sherlock Holmes, or a female boxer named Nicola Adams, you go, you British person, you!

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