Thursday, August 2, 2012

Licking that Sherlock Holmes.

Day four of Sherlock Holmes Week began with Matt Lauer on Today mispronouncing our hero’s name as “Sherlick Holmes.”
Of course, Matt quickly let someone else take over the subject, and that someone talked to Roger Johnson of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, and Curly and Kafers of the Baker Street Babes, as he ran through a quick overview of Sherlock Holmes in honor of the Olympics being held in London. As expected, Sherlock Holmes fandom looks a lot better when we intersperse our aged scholars with enthusiastic young ladies. (I should not be surprised if it turns out that Curly was originally genetically engineered by a scheming billionaire Sherlockian to prime that pump, and that the Baker Street Babes was a product of a secret marketing cabal led by a very real Mycroft Holmes. Hey, if people can claim the moon landing was a secret conspiracy . . . )
It was a rare treat, and a sign of how far things have come of late, but we still have Sherlockian hurdles yet to climb . . . like teaching Matt Lauer that there’s no “i” in “Sherlock.”

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