Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Slylockian scholarship.

Sometimes, in the wee hours of the morning, arcane discoveries of something other-than-human are made, even if you aren’t a character in a Lovecraft tale.

You may never have wandered past the Comics Curmudgeon at joshreads.com , but if you did it yesterday, you might have noticed a blog entitled “The Statue of Liberty is probably a kangaroo now or something.” That really didn’t make sense as I read through the Curmudgeon’s comments on Hagar the Horrible or Hi and Lois for yesterday, but then I came upon the familiar figure of one Slylock Fox.

Underneath yesterday’s strip, the paragraph began: “In order for the Slylockian world anthropomorphic animals to exist, there must be some kind of apocalyptic event in our future and their past, during which the lower beasts achieved sentience and most of the human population was wiped out, presumably violently.”

The Curmudgeon continues with his thoughts upon that world of Slylock Fox, but his use of the word “Slylockian” caught my eye. Was this truly the first example of Slylockian scholarship to step forth upon our planet? Does it already exist upon Slylock Fox’s Earth, upon whatever dimensional plane it exists?

Probably so. Even Wikipedia treats the world of Slylock Fox and his partner Max Mouse as fictional, so my money is on the Curmudgeon breaking new ground here. With Pandora’s box now open, however, can a Les Klinger annotated edition of Slylock now be too far away?

P.S. The Baker Street Babes are on a roller coaster for their latest podcast, which probably sets off the butterfly effect of a Slylockian future somehow. O' brave new world that has such people in't!

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