Friday, October 5, 2012

Yay. A comment.

My favorite comment on this blog so far came in this morning:

“Your low esteem of the Brett representation obviously comes from a lack of knowledge of the Canon and screen writing.”

The anonymous commentator plainly doesn’t know me, and went for the ad hominum sort of shot that is so popular in any sort of argument these days, especially on the web. He or she probably should have gone with “You’re fat!” and really got a dig in, but telling me I don’t know my Canon or screenwriting? Silly, silly anonymous commentator. (See, I can use ad hominum, too. But I do feel guilty about it.)

My main criticism of Jeremy Brett continues to be those lines that he delivered directly from the Canon itself, word for word. The screenwriters did no work at all, just copying the words directly from Doyle. And then Brett embroidered them with his own over-worked delivery.

The rest of the comment goes on about a certain CBS detective drama that is about some guy that’s not Sherlock Holmes. Not sure why Sherlock Holmes fans keep bringing it up. But keep those comments coming!


  1. Not a big Brett fan. Sometimes I feel guilty and ashamed about this. But I found him twitchy and overwrought.

  2. Brad: Our first time to your Blog (via David Milner)- we don't "blog" much, but are thinking of starting one ourselves. Well done. Was particularly impressed with the Flying Colors commentary. I, too, am not a complete "Brett-o-phile." I always thought that he played Holmes as being much too good natured. Joel Senter