Thursday, January 24, 2013

Me, not hating the playa.

Cum dilectione hominum et odio vitiorum.  ("With love for mankind and hatred of sins.")
     -- St. Augustine

Hate the sin and not the sinner.
    -- Mohandas Gandhi

Don't hate the player, hate the game.
    -- Ice T

In the comments following my most recent blog, the question was raised by frequent commenter James O'Reilly as to how I could be fully convincing in calling out those who judge others as "not serious Sherlockians," due to my ongoing insults toward viewers of that CBS TV phenomenon, Elementary.

Indeed, I have called them "wretched," "mindless," and a few other things. Earlier this week, I also intimated that the Mystery Writers of America were sad opium smokers who had fallen far from the Master Detective's pinnacle. But do I hate the fans of Elementary? Do I indeed see them as lesser beings, devoid of the divine spark that raised man from monkey? Do I spend my nights cursing  the network gods that spawned such a generation of beings whose lemming-like ratings numbers keep Elementary on the air?

Nawwww . . . .

I just think they're wrong is all. So very, very wrong. My friend Bill Mason is waiting for the day and venue when we can debate that little issue in a public forum, as he actually likes the show. Would I question his Sherlockian mojo over one little lapse in good taste?

Nawwww . . . .

But let's be honest. Elementary is a very hate-able Sherlock Holmes related television show. How can I say that? Well, if you count the amount of blog material that I've gotten from loathing its very bones, that kinda speaks for itself. And you can't hate something that much without a little collateral damage. So, yes, I am sorry, lemming-zombie-monkeys, if you've felt like you've gotten hit with some of the watermelon spatter from this Gallagher act of blogging. I really don't hate any of you individually. And I don't think you're lesser Sherlockians or unable to fill out a healthy resume in the world of Sherlock Holmes fandom. I hope you do, if you haven't already. We need more great Sherlock fans.

But seriously, Elementary? Really?

Nawwww . . . . .


  1. Brad, you don't have to apologize for hating "Elementary." I am glad your visceral reaction has activated you so much, even though I do disagree with you. You seem to be having great fun coupled with a fervent cause.

    And I look forward to crushing you in a symposium debate sometime down the road. :)

    In fact, I can relate to your feelings, since I have an equally vehement hatred of print-on-demand pastiches and those Max Headroom Sherlockian films, both of which have defenders in the Sherlockian world. But even those who read badly written and barely edited POD pastiches about a Max Headroom Sherlock, as wretched and mindless as they may be, are certainly part of our Sherlockian subculture.

    It's hard for an oldtimer like me to grasp that the Sherlockian world is a not-so-small universe anymore, and I can envision a time down the road when we branch into two discernable groups. But the Sherlockianess of anyone who enjoys the game is certainly not for me or anyone else to question. We've all got that mojo you mentioned, I would think.

    1. You're not the only old-timer who is having a hard time grasping that the Sherlockian world is a not-so-small universe anymore! (Or that we're now old-timers!) Boy, are we in the midst of a brave new world . . .

  2. "I have an equally vehement hatred of print-on-demand pastiches..."

    Oh God, please tell me about it! I want to go around with a movable shredder and rip them all to pieces.... :-(

  3. We'll gladly give you the public forum to debate this issue on I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere. Will you accept our invitation to come on the show?

    1. Sure, Scott! Hadn't really thought of podcasting when considering public forums, but if you think it's worth putting on the show, I'll go for it.