Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Super Sherlock Sunday.

The hour of Sherlock is finally near at hand.

Thanks to a just plain crazy idea by CBS television, America is about to be presented with an hour of that fellow I like to call "Mr. Elementary" in the most visible time slot of the year. After Sunday night's Super Bowl, which starts at  6:30 Eastern time and lasts on-average three hours and thirty-five minutes, CBS will follow up with a new episode of their hit-like series Elementary. One might call it the network TV equivalent of someone mooning a crowd because they're overly proud of their butt.

Not that I would say such a thing, of course. After Shreffgate, I have found my heart has grown three sizes for the fans of Elementary. That doesn't make the show any better, but given the choice of joining Jonny Lee Miller's fan club and becoming one of the Sherlockian Master Race, I guess I'm gonna have to go with Miller. (Until I actually see another episode, I suspect.)

So anyway,  a new episode of Elementary called "The Deductionist" will be shown at sometime between 8:00 PM and midnight this Sunday, depending upon how long the game lasts, and what should be the show's biggest audience ever will be treated to seeing Jonny Lee Miller called "Sherlock Holmes," Lucy Liu called "Watson," and maybe even somebody called "Moriarty." Sure, that audience will probably be pretty drunk, as TV audiences go, and woozy with bellies full of chips, pizza, and queso dip . . . that just means they're going to be very suggestible. Not only perfect for CBS, but also perfect for the Sherlockian world.

A goodly number of those suggestible post-Super Bowl folks are probably going to wander on to internet social media sites like Twitter to see what insights their fellow humanoids have on this show called Elementary. Now, whatever your opinion of CBS's dropping its drawers at America, that hour will be a great time for putting one's Sherlock thoughts out on the web. Whether they're about Conan Doyle, Benedict Cumberbath, Irene Adler, or the novel Hellbirds, this is the opportunity to hold a Sherlock Holmes Twitter-party like you wouldn't believe, just by adding the hashtag "#Elementary" to your tweets.

One could even talk about the episode of Elementary that's showing on CBS during that time,  and those rare moments when it might relate to any of the above, or something else from the original Sherlock Holmes stories. But no matter what you tweet, the moment is coming, for just that one fleeting hour, and we have to tone up our typing fingers, whip up our wits, maybe prepare a few lines in advance, and even possibly practice on Thursday night's new episode of Elementary.

Super Sherlock Sunday and the hour of Sherlock is finally at hand. I'll be there. Will you?

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  1. You can count on me, both Thursday and Sunday. Looking forward to it!