Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The fire still burns.

Well, 3 Chic Geeks had to go and stir it up on their website this week.

They had this fun little idea of a bracket tournament of polling called "The Fandom Wars," in which they pitted fandom against fandom, Dr. Who versus Lord of the Rings, Firefly versus Battlestar Galactica, etc. It's a neat little way to bring traffic to their site, and some fun for fans of some of the newer fandoms. The Star Wars versus Star Trek bracket seemed a bit dated and done to death, but brackets for newer shows were actually pretty interesting . . . except for one.

They had to go and put BBC Sherlock versus CBS's Elementary.

The bracket battle is over now, and Sherlock has pulled out a 58.19% to 41.81% victory, but it was touch-and-go for a while, and a few of the comments from places like the Baker Street Babes' Facebook page were stark reminders of the strong reactions the CBS show has gotten since its first airing from some of us. Things get said, apologies have to be made. Or not.

Other fandom divisions in the bracket war live in separate fandoms. The truly passionate Star Wars and Star Trek people can hang out with their fellows, bitch about the other, and not get into too much trouble. If you're in a Star Wars forum, you expect some serious love of that universe and a little trash-talk of the others would not seem out of place. Yet here in Sherlock Holmes world, we've been given two distinctly different characters with the same name and are being expected to play nice and treat them with equal courtesy . . . all the while being passionate fans, which is where it gets tricky.

Reading some of what went on during the 3 Chic Geeks "Fandom Wars" stirred up some sympathetic responses that summer had managed to let me forget about. A simple "WTF?" appears to be all it takes to get a "YEAH! WTF?!?!" reaction even now, where a certain show is concerned. But that evil little bracket choice is played out for now, and we can go back to summer . . . for now.

Man, I am not looking forward to fall.

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