Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Simon Pegg summer Sherlock bookends.

Well, summer's done. Simon Pegg has appeared again, and like the groundhog signalling the end of winter, we now know the season is done.

We last saw Simon as Mr. Scott in Star Trek: Into Darkness as summer began, with Benedict Cumberbatch pulling in a Sherlockian connection to that bit of fast-moving movie fun.

And now, in the last dregs of August, Simon Pegg has shown up as the memorable Gary King in The World's End. And with him comes Martin Freeman connecting us back to Sherlock and Sherlock.

Of course, The World's End being a great little film that gives everything its previews promised and more, it also has Eddie Marsen, giiving us Inspector Lestrade from Sherlock Holmes in addition to Sherlock's Watson. What more could any modern Sherlockian want? (Okay, Martin Freeman, Jude Law, and Lucy Liu, but let's not get greedy.)

It's been a summer full of big movies, many of which didn't live up to their promise, but I'm very happy to say  that Mr. Cumberbatch and Mr. Freeman got to play in two of my favorites this season, something to begin and something to end on. With a dose of Simon Pegg in both.

Now they just need to get him in an episode of Sherlock.


  1. Summer isn't done till I take the steps out of the pool, and we've another week of weather in the 90's. Let's not rush things. I am not a Fall or Winter person. Perhaps you are just itching to resume your attacks on some certain program?

    1. Well, the sandbags fortifying the bunker are all in place . . .