Friday, March 21, 2014

Madness? Wellll . . . not this week.

Over on the Baker Street Babes website, Liz Giorgi is making a good go of reviewing Elementary each week, and I've gotten in the habit of reading her after putting my own odious thoughts to digital storage on the subject. Her positive spin on each episode is like a palate cleanser after each sip of CBS's concoction, which has long been the television equivalent of beer in my world. Millions enjoy it, yet I can't seem to develop the taste. So I'm recommending Liz's reviews as a perk-me-up to those few Elementary lovers who seem to come to this blog each week to punish themselves, much like an albino in a Dan Brown novel.

Because it's Elementary night again in Sherlock Peoria . . . .

No, wait. What's this? March Madness?

Go to the standby Elementary episode guide on Wikipedia, check the list . . . .

Nope, nothing for two weeks. And then in three weeks, another episode with a Canonical title, "The Man With the Twisted Lip."

Wouldn't it be curious if, without warning, Elementary just totally did a Granada-faithful adaptation set in Victoria London using exactly the same cast one week? But alas, it's a serious show with no supernatural elements to throw it into a wacky, timey-wimey alternate future thing. (Well, serious when it's not making penis jokes.)

A wander through YouTube looking for a replacement entertainment quickly takes me off Sherlockian rails and into some nice comedy bits, so the mind quickly moves from Sherlock Holmes after the standard mental checklist of subjects I dare not blog about.

March is a very strange month in the modern day, but somehow Sherlock Holmes managed to stay seven cases worth of Sherlockian during it back in the day. Leprechauns and basketball did not get in his way, which should be a lesson for at least one rambling Sherlockian blogger.

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