Friday, March 14, 2014

"Starving" for Sherlock?

Okay, this is different.

The current wave of Sherlock Holmes infatuation in the culture has taken us to some new places, but -- what's this? A Sherlock Holmes parody that doesn't involve a deerstalker hat? Well, yes, now we get parodies with Cumberbatch coiffure and coat, but how about a new Sherlock Holmes parody moment that doesn't involve a costume change of any kind?

Allow me to present The Starving Games. As a person known for watching some very bad television and reporting on same, I took it upon myself tonight to watch one of those awful parody movies that seem to make just enough money to keep new ones coming to investigate Netflix's claim that it contained Sherlockian material. So here's the scoop:

Somewhere between minute 41 and minute 42, Kantmiss Evershot is cornered by a group of foes, only to assess their weaknesses, work out her strategies in a step-by-step walk-through, and then perform same in realtime. Just like Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock Holmes . . .  well, except it involves "motorboating," and such.

There you have it. Now you don't have to watch the whole thing . . . unless you want to . . . I mean, well, we all don't have to have high standards for watching vaguely-related-to-Sherlock-Holmes material . . . and so if you do want to, that's totally cool and all . . . so go ahead . . . it's not like The Starving Games will be on again next week . . . though it is on Netflix, so you could, if you really . . .  but that's okay, too.

Anyway, enjoy!

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