Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The magical elf pays a non-December call.

We all know the story: the magical elf that slips into your house in the middle of the night to deliver presents. And we all know that's just a story, right?

Well, we used to. As I tend to write about a lot in this blog, times have changed.

For last night, while I slept a magical elf crept into my house and left me a present on my usual workspace: Sherlock: Music from Series 3.

Sure, I got some iTunes gift cards this Christmas, and sure, I used part of them to pre-order the soundtrack music from the latest set of Sherlocks on iTunes. But when my morning e-mail contained a note reading: "The item you pre-ordered, Sherlock: Music from Series 3 (Original Television Soundtrack) by David Arnold & Michael Price, is now available. If you have set your iTunes preferences to automatically download prepurchased content, this item may already be in your library." I mentally scampered over to my iTunes library like a kid on Christmas morning.

And there it was.

The first track, named "How It Was Done," had been in my head since my first viewing of "The Empty Hearse," and I immediately played it three or four times. For me it summed up much of the greatness of season three (which some found appalling, of course, but not me) -- messy, movie-level quality of the ride, whether it was action movie, romantic comedy, or personal drama. And there it was, dropped onto my computer when I woke up in the morning, in a neat and tidy little electronic package.

Because, yes, Sherginia, there is a Santa Claus. And he's still bringing good stuff.

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