Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A really long distance relationship.

Forget about Watson -- how would you describe your relationship with Sherlock Holmes?

I'm not trying to imply that there's any disfunction here. If Sherlock really is your constant companion that no one else sees but you, you probably should talk to a professional about it. (And not the professional consulting detective who's watching you read this.) But if you're a fan of Sherlock Holmes, you definitely do have a relationship with him, and a more intense, affecting relationship than some of the folk you walk on by in person every single day. Is it wrong to care more about a guy who lives not just across the Atlantic, but on the page or screen as well, more than the lady who works down the hall in accounting services? Unless the latter could really use your help and you choose to pay attention to the former, probably not. Oh, let's not be a reality-ist here and get all, "Real people are SO much more important!" Please.

So, you and Sherlock . . . what's the deal there?

C'mon, don't be shy. Is he your mentor, your spirit guide, your unrequiting lover? Is he a sort of weird uncle to your own intellect, your fashion inspiration, your sexual fantasy? Your job, your mission, your scheme for getting a few bucks out of those who aren't as familiar with him? Your specimen for study? Your plaything? The list of possible relationships between any two human beings can go on and on, and so it is with Sherlock Holmes and you.

"Sherlock Holmes and you" sounds like something from an old grade school educational film, yes, but what would that film be about?

Pondering what exactly the connection between you and Mr. Sherlock Holmes is . . . well, it's worth a few moments. Or more. Delving into just why you find yourself considering this semi-historical figure as important . . . or at least more important than any other character in any other book or show you experienced this year . . . can tell you something about yourself as much as him.

Hmm . . . Sherlock Holmes investigating you for a client who is also you, when it's you doing all the work. Three more relationships right there!

So what is going on between you and Mr. Sherlock Holmes? As long as you know, I don't suppose you have to tell. But don't expect me not to ask one day, so you might want to be ready.


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